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Is well known also by non-hotel guests who specifically attend their weekly spa appointments, for the Spa Center is specifically designed, created and managed to offer all the pampering luxury of health and fitness you desire. It is located in the most relaxing and quite section of the hotel to provide the most relaxing portion of the day. Quite simply, The Veyron Spa is a selfrewarding experience not to be missed.

The Veyron Spa is spaciously created to offer luxury treatments and massage by our ever experienced staff. Among the two deluxe massage rooms and VIP rooms, Finnish Sauna and steam baths, a traditional Turkish Hammam is also facilitated for exotic experience. Our very popular, by appointment only Vip Room is a treat in itself with spa, sauna, steam bath and all the facilities offering exclusive privacy and relaxation. Additionally, The Veyron Spa is equipped with the latest training, fitness and plates equipments as complimentary for your depending sporting activities. Guests are offered various SPA and training packages and private fitness and plates classes,  and all to end with freshly served juices from the Vitamin Bar.